Efficient Administration of Proprietary Trading Platforms

Wealth Management Associates, LLC ("WMA") is a Florida-registered Limited Liability Company serving proprietary trading platforms and similar firms.    

Services provided by WMA include:

  1. Identification of appropriate vendors. These include, but are not necessarily limited to:
    • Attorneys
    • Accounting firms
    • Investor-relations specialists
    • Strategic business partners
  2. Coordinating the activities among are clients and the vendors they elect.
  3. Arranging for distribution of revenues, and servicing expenses, as called for in our client's Operating Agreement.
  4. Arranging for regular reporting to our client's Members and/or shareholders.

​Recent activities of WMA include:

  • Establishing trading relationships for a London-based fixed-income trading firm with offices in Chicago and California. 
  • Acting as Manager and Registered Agent for a Philadelphia-based proprietary securities trading firm.